Buying a car is a dream come true for many of us. After spending hours researching different makes, models , dealerships and even colours of our potential vehicle , it feels like a decision of lifetime to choose a dream car. The sense of accomplishment when you sit and drive your nearest car is incredible. Watching other people admire your car and lust after it while you are in the driver’s seat- that is an inexplicable feeling. An expensive car doesn’t validate anything.  It is simply a symbol of our ability to buy something most people can’t. Old or new, expensive or budget, your car is always your Pride. Your car is an embodiment of your desire, your hard work and your dreams. From trucks, sedans, SUVs, and station wagons to hatchbacks, hot rods, and scratched-up street beaters, there’s something out there for everyone. And when we see one we covet, our hearts beat just a little bit faster as it passes by. It’s no surprise, then, that as much as we enjoy and appreciate cars, we love flaunting them and watching that hint of jealousy in the eyes of others.


Personalised number plates were used only by the rich and famous. They were always considered a Novelty item that you would see on nice cars in big cities. but today creative number plates have become very common .personalized number plates are more than a car accessory. If you are the proud owner of the car you drive and have worked hard to earn it, it makes sense to put your signature on your car. It is a subtle way of making a very big statement. It reflects your confidence and also ensures that you never confuse your car for another. A beautifully customised car number plate complements your car well and it makes your car stand out no matter how many times  other people have seen the same kind of car



One design has effectively carved a trustworthy name in the online number plate business in Kerala and India  for the past few years. The materials used for the customised number plates have always attracted attention. Buying custom number plates from one design makes your dream car exude beauty and class while complying with the legal standards of India. The custom number plates available from one design  are made completely according to the specified regulations and are completely legal in the country. The high quality gel embossed number plates are sleek , thin , eye catchy and will definitely leave a mark on the viewer.Another important aspect of one design online number plates is the openness of the customer support where the customer care executives are eagerly waiting to incorporate all the possible suggestions of the customer into the custom number plates while complying with the legal standards.

Buying a car number plate online is the best way to modify your dream car in a way that reflects the inner you. One design gives you an amazing opportunity to purchase car number plates online that is sure to  make you an instant hit among your friends. The perfectly designed car number plate from one design online is a perfect combination of class and beauty.  Just a quick glance at the the one design website is enough to to make you believe that one design is the best number plate online shop in the entire country


One of the most important factors to take care of when purchasing number plates online is the quality of the material used. It is important to make sure that the online number plate is not heavy when it reaches you. The customised number plate you order online must be sleek, lightweight and easy to clean and a perfect fit.  Gel number plates are a perfect solution to all the above problems. 3D embossed number plates and sticker punching plates with honeycomb reflectors or carbon fibre are an excellent choice. Also an amazing colour combination of forged carbon or pure black with white is going to make you the winner unanimously.

OneDesign’s extensive research has revealed amazing use of quality carbon fibres and gel packed car number plates. Various most popular categories in the online customised number plates for cars from OneDesign include 3D carbon fibre number plates, 3M honeycomb reflector, 3M white Carbon,  5D carbon grill, 5D honeycomb carbon, 5D honeycomb white, black and grey,  forged carbon, pure black,  space HD,  white reflector and spec 3D.The high quality gel number plates have well defined letters that have the utmost clarity and precision. Best gel material is very less bulky and designing is done immaculately to ensure class and quality number plates for the customers.



1. Are OneDesign’s customised car number plates legal in India?


2. Does onedesign’s personalised car number plates follow the number plate rules from the motor vehicle act 1989?


3. What is the colour code followed by onedesign’s customised car number plates online?

Black and white for personal vehicles, yellow and black for commercial cars, black and yellow for rental cars.

4. Can onedesign’s custom car number plates be made available to all the cars sold in India?


5. What is the standard dimension of onedesign’s custom car number plates available online?

340 x 200 mm or 500 x 120 mm

6. What are the colors used in Onedesign’s online car number plates?

Black & Grey, Forged Carbon, Pure Black, White Carbon

7. What are the different designs available in OneDesign’s online customized car number plates?

3D Carbon Fibre, 3M Honeycomb Reflector, 3M White Carbon, 5D Carbon Grill, 5D Honeycomb Carbon, 5D Honeycomb White, Space HD, Spec 3D

8. Does onedesign have online delivery options throughout India and Kerala?